AnnE's Clients Speak Up

from MF

I've just completed one of my seasonal rituals. The moment comes every spring and fall—the overnight realization that I have nothing in my closet to wear.

We know about our friend Anne's image consulting and wearable art business, which often feels a bit too extravagant for my budget...and my nature.  However, I've figured out a way to engage Anne that works for me and offers extraordinary results.

I set an appointment with Anne for one to two hours a few days ahead.  I then scurry to clean my closet, exchanging last season's clothes for this season, neatly arranging like things together.  I find the portable clothes rack, a notebook and pen, and, a few minutes just before Anne is due to arrive, I put the teapot on to boil.

We spend a few moments connecting with each other and the task at hand over a cup of tea.  Then we get to work!  By the end of our session, her efficient, gentle calming manner, has resulting in: a) putting together striking new combinations of clothes I own but would never have thought to combine, or had the courage to try; b) photographs she has taken of each combination creating a quick reference guide for when she's gone, and my memory is too; c) a short shopping list of wardrobe updates, e.g. colorful quality t-shirts to add, a simple style of shoe or a new short jacket (as well as suggested economical places to find them; d) decisions about what to take to the seamstress for updated adjustments; and e) thoughtful decisions about recycling (letting go of!) those things that don't work for me any more. 

Even though I don't love to shop, I can follow up on my own with clear focus, confident that my time and dollars will be well spent.

I find Anne to be extraordinarily talented and creative. Her intuitive wisdom helps me make interesting choices that work naturally for me, making my seasonal wardrobe update ritual an easy and fun experience.

from CG

For the past 2 years I have been struggling with my image and self-esteem. When I first met you, I knew you would play a big role in making good things happen. I now go confidently into my well-organized closet and choose outfits I know are perfect for me and the occasion. My friends and co-workers compliment me and my self-esteem has bloomed! The most exciting event to date . . . is the fact that last week I accepted a "dream job" offer in Green Bay, Wisconsin . . . I honestly believe that without your assistance in shaping my new image, I might never have gone after this position, much less "landed" it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help. Working with you was a wonderful adventure that will last a lifetime!

I am alive in '95!!

from AH

Thanks again for the great help! I've been having so much fun with it! Have ordered the clothes from L.L. Bean, put about 40 pieces of clothing on consignment, gotten a new hair style and ordered new glasses frames!! You have given me such a sense of direction!! I'm starting my list of questions for a fall clothing consultation!

another note from AH

Anne, I remember your help daily as I enjoy my wardrobe!

from RWH

Hi Anne,
Happy New Year!  Any chance you would have two to three hours open midday this coming saturday, jan 14, in Omaha? Elizabeth mentioned today that she isn't wearing half of the clothes in her closet. If your calendar allows, I thought we could load them into the car and drive over to your house to go through them. 

another note from RWH

Hello Anne,

We did have a great Saturday.  Elizabeth absorbed a great deal from you and was functioning as an image coach for her father the rest of the weekend.  

We spent Sunday and Monday cleaning her room from top to bottom with a truck load off to charity and many boxes off to other family members, you have assisted her in transitioning to a new level.

I want to purchase four copies of your book, please ship and send an invoice. It's such a joy for me to watch your magic transfer to Elizabeth.

With a joyful heart...

from WH

Anne, I have to thank you for making a big difference at a critical time in my life. I went to these two interviews confident that I would project the most positive image, not only with the right clothes and accessories, but walking properly, shaking hands confidently, and feeling relaxed and in control. And I was able to imagine myself already in the job. It paid off, handsomely. Your gift of recognizing my image problems, explaining them to me, and teaching me how to correct them was of the greatest value to me.

from KV


Your expert advice cleared my closet and my mind of confusion, worry, nervousness and disarray. Because of your help, I'm organized and ready. Undistracted by casting about for something to wear, I prepare for work meetings, parties, church and all events more fully focused, with energy present, undissipated.

The new combinations we created and the information you taught me help me to experiment more playfully as well as dress more authentically. Rather than worry about rules to follow, I've learned principles to put into place myself that help me choose clothes and accessories that match my values and express my essence. I feel a surer sense of my own uniqueness and I feel smarter and bolder about harmonizing my dress, my personality, and my activity.

Your expertise is creative and warm, your taste flawless and assured, your manner professional and fun. Thank you for connecting my image to my self, thank you for connecting your lovely self to such helpful work, thank you for connecting you and me.

from SC

Thanks so much for showing me that "dressing for success" doesn't have to be boring.  By helping me better utilize my existing clothing and providing me with specific recommendations for additional items, you've save me hundreds of dollars I would have otherwise spent on clothes that didn't fit my "personal" style.

from MG

My dear Anne - 
Thanks so much for your help this past week.  You can "see through" where I can't.  I feel so much better about my "wedding readiness" now.

You are a delight!
Thanks again.

from KB

Thank you for making me feel I'm worth it Talk with you in Jan!

from LS

I truly enjoyed your presentation yesterday.  It is most gratifying to find a good example of good taste and wisdom in one package: you!
As Hispanic women, we have been confronted with many high standards in our professions.  I am glad that you definitively can make a mark with your style. Very refreshing.

Thanks sincerely, L. S.

P.S. Love your outfit:  elegant, discrete, beautifully and tastefully accessorized (loved your earrings and necklace)...thanks for showing us the way!

Transformation in the time of E.T.

TM had written a song he hoped to release soon after the release of the movie, ET.  I was hired to help him with a photo for the press packet he was submitting with the record. A handsome man cleans up well.



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