Color Analysis


Find your true colors

Facing a window, I will stand behind you as we look into a mirror. We will drape your face with colored fabrics and decide whether each color is great, ok or not-so-good. We will then sort swatches cut from the color drapes into corresponding piles. You will take this packet of swatches with you to use at your closet and as you shop. We can work individually or in small groups.


"Color Yourself Coordinated"

By Helene Quigley,
Metropolitan Style

April 5th, 2001

Anne Fenner, a leading image and clothing consultant working in Omaha, believes that the development of a strong professional wardrobe begins with a systematic approach to color analysis.

To discover her clients' best colors, Fenner uses a method called "color draping." Clients are draped in a well-lighted room, bare-faced, with as many as 60 large swatches of solid colored fabrics. The skin-coloring plays the most vital role in determining which color group (or groups) you will belong in.

Think of your body as the canvas and your clothing as the paint. Skillful use of color can help you create the image you want to project. It can also save you money.

Let Anne help you select colors for your building, your office, your home...or yourself.

Before and After:  Color, Clothing, Style...

JM is an engineer. Although she was qualified to lead her company, she didn't look the part.  A former client recommended I work with her and persuaded her company to hire me to help with image, etiquette and style development. JM was reluctant at first. After a couple of months of working together, she shared her realization: Image had originially seemed superficial; but now that she knew what to do, she could relax and move forward confidently. "Once she knew the steps, the dance was easy." She ended up feeling comfortable as she served as CEO of the Fischer Corporation, a division of Monsanto.






Praise for Anne's Color Draping Services


We want to thank you for making our "color" time with you so special. You really gave it the personal touch! My sister Mary said the time was all she hoped it would be for all of us. Thank you. 
—Pam and Mary

I went shopping to update my Christmas social clothes and already saw the benefits to your class. It saved me time, stress, and money. Thank You! 

Thank you for helping me find the best colors for me! I enjoyed shopping with my new "color eyes." Thank you for all your help.  —Rebecca

Feel comfortable and at ease.